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Javascript Programming New Zealand

Attitude, based in Christchurch New Zealand, supports clients around New Zealand, in the United States and United Kingdom.

Attitude offers Javascript programming

Attitude can assist you in

  1. adapting or adding functionality to existing Javascript code;
  2. creating new Javascript code to enhance your web site or web based application; and
  3. sourcing pre-written code to suit your purpose.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a client-side programming language for the web. Client-side software is processed by the user's computer rather than the web server. This enables the enhancement and manipulation of web pages and browser functionality.

Javascript is supported on all modern web browsers.

It is particularly useful for validating users input on forms, increasing interactivity between the user and the web page, and allowing the user to make calculations within a web page.

Why Javascript in your web based application?

  • Save time by doing simple calculations within the web pages or validate form data without having to reload the page.
  • Control the way in which the user interacts with elements of the page. Show and hide content based on user actions such as mouse clicks. Interact with the user depending on their actions.
  • Make the user experience more pleasurable by enhancing the visual elements of the page and navigation.