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Tell us about your business and your products. Attitude can talk you through some of the issues and decisions related to building an online store.

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Do you already have a web presence? We can integrate online sales into your current site, preserving the graphical look of your current site.

It has never been more affordable or easy to build a website that sells. Imagine being able to expand your market and collect orders 24/7. Attitude can help you create an effective online store and assist you in driving customers to it!

Attitude Group helps businesses build profitable online stores. Attitude specializes in creating and improving sites using a unique and powerful software package that provides an affordable shortcuts for you to sell online. This package is free to download and has advanced functionality that some other packages charge thousands of dollars for. There is no ongoing license fee to use the software. Setting up and maintaining a store is simple and efficient.

Some website developers who use this software don't bother to tell their clients and charge large fees to produce online stores. We have no hesitation telling you about the package. The software is called osCommerce and it is a core part of our business at Attitude. Attitude was one of the first companies in the world to specialize in installation, customization and support of this software and has helped many businesses around the world produce and improve sites that sell.

osCommerce has the functionality you need to create positive shopping experiences for your customers, allowing you to sell effectively, and giving you the control to manage your store. osCommerce can be customized to each business's requirements; its software and new add-on functionality is continually developed by a core group of developers and the osCommerce user community. Because osCommerce is free to download and use, it is now affordable for many businesses to develop and operate a shopping site.

Shopping Cart - osCommerce Setup, Installation and Customization

Want to sell online? Attitude can assist you in the setup, installation and customization of your shopping cart.

Our cart of choice is osCommerce. Attitude can install and configure osCommerce - a powerful open source shopping cart. osCommerce provides the features most businesses require to sell online and what is more - osCommerce is free. If you require more functionality we can customize it to your requirements. We have outlined the current features below.

osCommerce Demonstration

Attitude has two osCommerce demonstration stores available for evaluation. One, hightlighting the full feature-set of osCommerce, the other, showing how osCommerce can serve simpler shops with smaller product ranges.

osCommerce Features

For a full review of the benefits and features of osCommerce visit our osCommerce Review. Here is a quick overview of features:

Customer Functionality

  • Customer accounts
  • Customer address books (other shipping destinations)
  • Order history
  • Temporary (not logged on) and permanent (logged on) shopping carts
  • Search catalog for products or manufacturers
  • Product reviews by customers
  • E-mail notifications
  • Forseen checkout procedure
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • Number of products in each category are shown
  • Bestseller lists
  • Display what other customers have brought (relating to the current product displayed)
  • Localization: English, German, and Spanish; plus contributions

Administrative Functionality

  • New design for user-friendliness
  • Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews
  • Categories-to-categories structure
  • Statistics for products and customers
  • Dynamic product attributes
  • Tax zones, classes, and rates
  • Configuration parameters in database for remote editing
  • Not tied together with the catalog module (admin module can be installed on another server)
  • Payment and shipping modules
  • Connection to's currency exchange rate servers for multi-currency shops
  • Decide what to display (and the order) in the product listings
  • Backup tool