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business web site planning resources

Resources for any business planning a web site. Includes a Business Web Site Planner featuring questions to help you plan your site and also help in choosing and registering a domain name.

There are a number of principles crucial to successful communication via the world wide web medium ...

  • simplicity in design and navigation

    Simplicity applies firstly to the design of the website. Our approach is to simplify the design elements used so that web users with different operating systems, screen resolutions, graphics settings and browser types can view, use and draw on the information they require from the site. Simplicity also applies to the navigation of the website. How accessible is the content of the site? How easy is it for the visitor to find what they are looking for? A website should enable a new web user to navigate as easily as an experienced user. Attitude's approach to site navigation rests on research into the behaviour of web surfers. For instance, research has found that the majority of web-users will leave a site if they have not found the information they want after three clicks. Research findings like this are important guides to the development of an easily navigated site.

  • interactive elements allowing two-way communication

    The Internet allows the possibility of interaction between the web surfer and the website owner. From email to web-based surveys there are a variety of ways in which the Internet can facilitate two-way communication with your target market.

  • information your prospective audience wants or needs

    The most important element of any website - the element that will keep people returning - is content. Providing people with information that they want or need will ensure that people will visit your site. This includes such basic information as contact details and product profiles, and may extend to creating and allowing web surfers access to information on a field you have expertise in.

  • evaluation of performance with respect to goals and planning

    Attitude is committed to the evaluation of website performance. This is essential in understanding what is of interest to visitors. Evaluation is important for you, the client, in judging the value of your investment in the creation and maintenance of the website. Evaluation includes the continual monitoring of visitors to the website and the implementation of improvements in line with your goals for the website.

  • speed of delivery to the web user

    When people want information they want it quickly. Although there are constant advances in technology that allow data to be transferred faster, there are currently limits to the speed with which data can be transferred. Research has shown that if a web page loads slowly, visitors will not stick around. Speed is improved by optimising the graphics and the coding of the web page and minimising flashy effects.

  • active and continuing development, maintenance and promotion.

    A good website is never finished. The website development process is a long-term one, requiring updates, maintenance, upgrades and promotion. Attitude would like to be an active partner in developing and maintaining and promoting your website. Please contact us for details.