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business web site planning resources

Resources for any business planning a web site. Includes a Business Web Site Planner featuring questions to help you plan your site and also help in choosing and registering a domain name.

Attitude Group Ltd specialises in the development of sophisticated, powerful and effective websites and web-based applications featuring intuitive and usable interfaces.

Attitude Group Ltd offers comprehensive web services tailored to your business needs. We believe that website development is a process encompassing the initial planning and design, and ongoing promotion, monitoring, maintenance and improvement.

Why Attitude?

  • Attitude Group Ltd provides complete and ongoing services including development, promotion, management, and hosting.
  • Attitude Group Ltd embraces technology that enhances but does not complicate the user experience. We make use of the PHP programming language to build database driven and personalised websites.
  • Attitude Group Ltd understands the principles of communication through the internet medium. Successful communication requires a simple, clear design, not flashy effects.
  • Attitude Group Ltd develops unique websites that will complement and enhance the way you currently do business.