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Resources for any business planning a web site. Includes a Business Web Site Planner featuring questions to help you plan your site and also help in choosing and registering a domain name.

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Since the requirements of every project are different, the costs are also variable. After we meet and discuss the project with a client and get a better understanding of a project's requirements, we will provide the client with an estimate of the costs. A third of this estimate is required to be paid on commencement of work. On larger projects progress payments may be required. The remaining development costs are paid before the website is uploaded to the web server.

The main costs of building and operating website can be broken down as follows:

  1. Domain Name Registration: This is an annual cost. '.com, .net, .org' domain names are available for as low as US$13.50/year. New Zealand domain names (,, are avaliable for NZ$39.95+GST/year. There is also an additional charge in the first year of NZ$21.00+GST if you are registering a domain name for the first time. Attitude can assist you in choosing and securing an appropriate domain name for your site.
  2. Hosting: This is a monthly fee. To operate your site you must rent space on a server which can be accessed via the Internet. Attitude offers two packages - Standard NZ$34.95+GST/month and Advanced NZ$49.95+GST/month. These packages are suitable for most types of sites. If these do not fit your requirements we will let you know and will assist you in choosing a suitable host.
  3. Upfront Website Development Costs: This depends to a large extent on your requirements. As a guide - a site for a business consisting of 8-10 pages would usually start at NZ$1500. A database-driven site will typically cost NZ$2500 or more. Contact Attitude for an estimate for your project.
  4. Ongoing Promotion Costs: For your site to succeed you require targeted traffic to your site. This is hard work. Attitude have experience and expertise with a variety of methods to attract targeted traffic to your site. We can develop a custom strategy for your site and to your budget.
  5. Ongoing Maintenance Costs: It is important to allow a budget for updating your site on a regular basis. Updating your site is necessary to keep descriptions of the products and services you provide as accurate as possible. This will also give visitors to your site a reason to return. Attitude offers fast site updates at competitive rates.

Contact us for further information specific to your project's requirements or if you have any questions.