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Resources for any business planning a web site. Includes a Business Web Site Planner featuring questions to help you plan your site and also help in choosing and registering a domain name.

There are a number of important steps in the process of building a good website. To give you a better idea of how the process works, we have described the basic stages below.

1. The initial meeting between the client and Attitude Group Ltd.

At this stage we will ask you questions to learn about your business and your clients. This is important to how the website will eventually look and function, and what content the site will include. Clear expectations of the website will be set out at this stage, including how the website will look, the functions that people will be able to perform at the website, the content that will be included, the aims of the website and the goals that are desired. The initial meeting is free.

2. Completion of site plan and estimates of time and cost.

After the initial meeting we will prepare a site plan, the important elements that to be included in the site, and estimates of timeline and cost.

3. Presentation of draft designs of the website.

The process of designing the graphical look of the site begins with draft designs. After we get the client's feedback on these designs, we will modify the chosen design.

4. The graphical look of the web pages are finalised.

5. Integration of content.

The client will usually develop and provide us with text and images that they want included in the website.

6. Testing and final evaluation.

Once the content is integrated, the website will be tested to make sure that navigation is intuitive. At this stage the client will evaluate the website as a whole. It is likely that there will be some minor changes at this stage.

7. Uploading the website.

Attitude Group Ltd also provides webhosting services. Once the website is uploaded it will become available for anyone connected to the internet to see and use.

8. Updates, training, evaluation, promotion ...

The process of development does not end when the website is uploaded. It will be necessary to promote the website to attract targeted visitors. It will also be necessary to regularly evaluate the performance of the website with respect to the goals and aims set out at the beginning of the process. Updates and improvements are essential to the functioning of a good website. Attitude Group Ltd can assist you with these tasks. We can also train your staff to perform these tasks.

The length of the project will vary depending on the client's specific requirements. An estimate will be provided after we meet with the client.

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